Admission Process

Admission Policy

Enrolment in ADP means that the students and their parents agree, without any reservation, to fully comply with all the policies, rules and regulations of the school.

Students are officially admitted after completing all the admission requirements and procedures.

Admission Dates: 1 April – 30 June 2014

The entrance tests are conducted from March to May.

New Students and Transfers

New students must pass the entrance examinations and interview with the guidance counsellor.

The applicant’s parent or guardian must be present during the interview.

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Original copy of the previous Report Card
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Two pictures (1×1)
  4. Character Certificate from the previous school.


All former students of Academia de Pulilan, who did not register for one or more academic years, must apply for re-admission.

Acceptance of Transferees

A student who wishes to transfer to the Academia de Pulilan at any given time is subject to evaluation and assessment.

Enrolment Procedure:

  1. Submit application requirements.
  2. Fill out the official registration form.
  3. Pay the school fees to the cashier.